Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.
Barracuda: (The Great Barracuda) Sphyraena barracuda

The Great Barracuda enjoys a bad reputation for ferocity and meanness. Although these toothy predators certainly look like they deserve their notoriety, catching them on rod and line is no great test of an angler's strength, stamina or technique. To be fair to these fine fish, most Phuket Barracudas are taken on tackle designed to deal with much larger, stronger species.  

They are voracious feeders and even "pencil" 'cudas will often grab the biggest lure in the spread. Simply winding them in to boatside on 50lb class tackle can only be considered a serious mismatch.  

On light tackle, a respectable size barracuda will certainly entertain most anglers but they are unlikely to present an experienced fisherman with a memorable battle.  

Many anglers associate barracudas with shallow water reefs and rocky pinnacles. This can indeed be the case but blue water, big game fishermen often encounter "stray" 'cudas while targeting Marlin in outrageous depths of water, well over the continental shelf. These rogues are not always large specimens they can be very small and are considered by many to be bait-stealing, lure-munching pests.  

Barracudas will feed at any time of the day or night. They will eat virtually anything offered - alive or dead. There are several recorded incidents of 'cuda attacks on humans. It is thought that they focus on bright shiny object - like bracelets, medallions or even watches. When swimming or snorkeling in waters known to contain large barracudas, it is wise to remove anything shiny that is liable to induce and unwanted close encounter with a toothy Barracuda.  

The biggest Great Barracuda caught by a vessel in the Wahoo fleet was an impressive 67lb. This serious 'cuda would have weighed considerably more by the size of its head and the overall body length but it was extremely emaciated and the stomach contents revealed severe infestation of parasites.  

The current IGFA World Record Great Barracuda stands at just over 100lbs. This individual would certainly have put a bend in any rod.


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