Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.
Black Marlin: Makaira indica - family istiophoridae

The Black Marlin is one of the most sought after of all Asia Pacific gamefish. This tough, rugged fighting fish represents a formidable opponent for even the most experienced big game fishermen.

A hooked Black Marlin will generally employ quite different fighting tactics from its "Blue" cousins. While Blue Marlin usually take to the air after a blistering first run, Blacks are more likely to spend much longer periods fighting deep. They will almost certainly take off like a train when the hook is set; they will put on a short but spectacular jumping display and then hug the current to replenish oxygen and prepare for another attempt at shaking the hook on the surface. Blacks generally offer dogged resistance, relying on their sheer strength and cunning to outlast the angler. Anglers and skippers need plenty of patience to bring a big black to the boatside.  

Tuna represent the favourite foodfish of all Marlin and Phuket's Andaman Sea is home to vast schools of Skipjack, Yellowfin and several other smaller Tuna species. The blacks follow these schools and are often caught on bridle-rigged Skipjacks trolled along the edge of vast surface-busting schools.  

Black Marlin will take trolled livebait, skipped deadbait and a vast assortment of surface lures. It is not always the case that a Marlin will take the biggest lure in the spread; our records show that they will often grab a small, chrome jethead lure; even when big Konaheads are on offer.  

While the real "Giant" Blacks of over 1,000lb have yet to be caught off Phuket, many eminent Marlin "experts" say that they are almost certainly out there in the deep water over the continental shelf. Every year a significant number of juveniles and several specimens of over 400lbs are taken off Phuket. This would indicate that "Mama" is out there somewhere and it is surely only a matter of time before a serious encounter occurs.  

Although we have caught Marlin in every month of the year, October - March must be considered the prime season. The "Wahoo Fleet's" multi day, live-on-board safaris offer a wonderful opportunity to experience a memorable battle with an Andaman Sea Black Marlin.  

Our ultra long-range trips to India's Andaman Islands have already produced significant results with adult Black Marlin, including a magnificent specimen topping 700lbs!


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