Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.
Dogtooth Tuna: Gymnosarda unicolor

This fast, voracious feeder is found throughout the Indo-Pacific region and differs considerably from other members of the Tuna family. Although a migratory pelagic fish, the Dogtooth Tuna spends a great deal of time feeding around reefs and rocky pinnacles. Unlike most other Tuna species, the Dogtooth rarely schools in vast numbers and is more likely to be encountered cruising and feeding around a reef either alone or as part of a small group of similar size individuals.

Phuket does offer sport with these toothy tackle testers but the Wahoo fleet's safaris to India's Andaman Islands offer a virtual guarantee of several encounters with serious Dogtooth Tuna.

They can be caught by trolling with surface lures, diving lures and live bait but the most popular method of targeting "doggies" is deep water jigging. This exciting and rewarding fishing method has recently captured the imagination of anglers from all over the world.

The current IGFA All-tackle World Record stands at an amazing 288lbs but it is thought that the virgin reefs off the Andaman Islands may well hold larger specimens.


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