Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.
Dorado: Coryphaena hippurus

Also known as - Dolphin Fish - Mahi Mahi  

This is a glorious fish of amazing colouration, incredible fighting ability and (unfortunately) wonderful eating quality.  

The Dorado is one of the most common of all game fish species. It is found throughout the tropics and warm temperate seas. Though occasionally caught inshore, the Dorado is more at home in deep, blue water.  

Young specimens tend to swim in fairly large schools and as they mature, the schools become smaller until they become adults. Adults often swim in pairs - male and female. It is easy to distinguish the sexes as the male (bull) has a distinctly high vertical forehead, giving it a flat-faced appearance and the female (cow) has a more conventional head shape. It is almost impossible to describe the colour accurately as they vary considerably. Alive and swimming, bright green and yellow are the predominant colours and the pectoral fins can be iridescent blue. Once out of the water, these colours fade quickly and dead specimens are usually drab silver.  

Dorado are often encountered along weed lines or swimming close to floating debris. It is a common practice of anglers in search of Dorado to troll the edges of weed lines with small jet head lures - this tactic will almost certainly result in a strike from a lurking Mahi Mahi. When a strike occurs, anglers should leave the other lines out and continue moving at trolling speed. The result will usually be a multiple hookup and a magnificent display of multi-coloured acrobatics behind the transom.  

Dorado generally feed on flying fish, squid and small fish fry. They will readily take trolled lures and they respond well to "bird" teasers. We have often caught them on trolled tuna belly strips when targeting Sailfish. They are fast and aggressive and will take to the air the moment they feel the hook. When gaffed and boated, the fight is not over. They can cause chaos in the cockpit and numerous restraining devices have been invented to calm them while the hook is removed.  

Phuket Dorado vary in size from 5lb - 50lb but in the deep water over the drop off, they are generally around 25 - 30lb. The World Record is a little over 88lb but larger specimens have been captured by commercial fishermen.


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