Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.

Pacific Sailfish: Istiophorus platypterus

This magnificent gamefish has delighted anglers all over the tropics with its superb aerial acrobatics and its sheer beauty. On appropriate tackle, Sailfish can provide fishermen with a never to be forgotten, blue water angling experience.  

The Sailfish is certainly the most widespread and prolific of all billfish. Their habit of congregating around offshore islands and feeding grounds - often in vast numbers - offers an awesome spectacle to fortunate onlookers. Their display of fining, tailing and free jumping is one of the most incredible sights a blue water angler can ever witness.  

Phuket is now internationally accepted as being the "Sailfish Capital of Asia" and on many days it is easy to see how this small island province of Thailand earned the title.  

Sailfish generally swim in small pods of about 5 or 6 individuals of similar size. In known feeding zones many of these pods gather together and it is not uncommon to see hundreds of free jumping Sailfish in a relatively small area. Seeing huge numbers of these magnificent creatures is indeed an awe-inspiring site but it does not always mean that they will respond to baits. Generally, Sailfish have "performing" periods and "feeding" periods. This can be somewhat frustrating when all manner of offered baits are simply ignored. It requires patience to wait until they switch to feeding mode and when they do - be prepared for some spectacular action. Multiple strikes are commonplace and with up to 4 anglers fighting Sailfish simultaneously, there can be blissful pandemonium in the cockpit. 

Off Phuket, Sailfish will sometimes gorge themselves on squid during the hours of darkness. This can mean that they are lethargic and show little interest in feeding until late in the afternoon. Apart from squid, Phuket "Sails" will eat flying fish, small schooling reef fish, ballyhoo and garfish.  

We have taken Sailfish on trolled lures, trolled livebait, slow-trolled belly-strips and several on artificial flies. Fly-fishing for Sailfish is becoming more and more popular and Phuket offers a wonderful opportunity to test ambitious fly fishermen.  

The average size of Phuket's Sailfish is around 70 - 80-lb but we have caught several larger specimens up to 150lbs. A splendid individual estimated at over 150lb was caught by guests on Reel Hooker during a long-range safari to India's Andaman Islands.


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