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Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.

Skipjack Tuna: Katsuwonus pelamis

By far the most prolific gamefish in Phuket waters is the Skipjack Tuna. Literally acres of these sporting light tackle opponents are encountered on almost every outing. Skipjack provide our anglers with great sport on light tackle and perfect livebait for Black Marlin. We often use Skipjack belly strips to make Panama strip baits - our prime bait for Sailfish.

When targeting Skipjack for use as bait, we troll "daisy chains" of six small lures behind a teaser. This method often results in "cluster" strikes with several Skipjacks being hooked on one line. This is not only beneficial in bait collecting but it also offers anglers quite a battle on suitable tackle.

Although the current IGFA World Record Skipjack stands at over 45lbs, the average size of Phuket specimens is significantly smaller and a 20lbs individual is considered to be a trophy catch.

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