Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.

Wahoo: Acanthocybium solandri - Family Scombridae

These aggressive, toothy predators offer anglers good sport, especially on light tackle. They are fast and extremely reluctant to come to the boat. Their initial run is usually a spectacular sprint for the horizon. After a dogged fight, they will often play dead and come in quietly - until they are almost at the boat. This is when they take off for a second run, giving a commendable account for themselves as truly formidable adversaries. Unfortunately, most Phuket Wahoos are taken on heavier tackle when anglers are targeting larger opponents. Local Wahoo average 15 - 25 lbs but we have caught several specimens of 50 - 60lb with one outstanding capture of a Similans specimen topping 90lbs. The current IGFA world record Wahoo is a monster of 158lbs - perhaps the Andaman Sea can match this some day.

Wahoo are generally solitary fish but multiple hookups do occur occasionally. They will take virtually anything offered but they appear to show a preference for bright coloured lures. They will take surface-trolled skirted lures or deep-diving Rapalas and bibless minnows. They will often grab livebaits intended for Sailfish but you would be lucky to land a Wahoo if nylon leaders are used. Their small but razor-sharp teeth will usually make short work of mono leaders. If you retrieve a Skipjack bait that has been cleanly - almost "surgically" - severed behind the head, you know that a Wahoo has been at work. They can remove half a Skipjack intended for Marlin, without even a twitch on the outrigger clip.

October and November are the "Hot" months for Wahoo, especially off the Similan Islands. "Reel Hooker" recently caught over 90 Wahoo during 2 blistering sessions off the Similans.

Wahoo show up close to islands, over submerged reefs and along the lip of the continental shelf. They will often sight a surface lure above them and accelerate upwards in a mind-blowing attack that climaxes with the fish grabbing the lure at such speed that Wahoo and lure continue skywards for 10-metres or more before crashing back into the wake.

Fast, ferocious and positively unfriendly, the Wahoo is the epitome of great blue water predators.

The true ocean giants will almost certainly be encountered on our long-range trips to India's Andaman Islands.


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