Welcome to Phuket Thailand
Welcome to Phuket Thailand.

Yellowfin Tuna - Thunnus Albacares

Can there possibly be a serious blue water angler who does not relish the thought of doing battle with a big Yellowfin Tuna? I doubt it. Many established gamefishing venues positively depend on their runs of big Yellowfin to offer visiting anglers an alternative to chasing elusive Marlin. Like all big Tunas, the Yellowfin is an incredibly fast and powerful adversary, streaking off at an alarming rate of knots, the moment it feels the hook. They change direction, dive deep as use every trick in the book in their attempt to confuse the skipper and tire the angler.

When caught by trolling artificial lures, a strike from a big Yellowfin positively rips the line from the rigger and it often takes some skillful boat handling to keep it behind the boat.

Off the Pacific coast of Mexico, the chosen method for targeting Yellowfins up to the magical 300lb mark is by "chunking" baits - usually at night. This is indeed a successful method and it can be exciting and rewarding but this fishing style is positively "tame" compared to lure fishing in daylight.

Ghana's Yellowfins often exceed 300lb and anglers, skippers and deckhands need all the talent, they have been endowed with to secure a successful capture. The 313lb colossus caught by John Pearce will remain one of his many fishing highlights. Renowned skipper, Clay Hensley, made a video recording of a giant Yellowfin Tuna hooked in Ghana during April 2003. The fish was brought boatside but lost on the gaff. Clay estimates this fish to have been close to 400lbs!

Ghana offers plenty of action with huge Yellowfins - just another "plus" for this remarkable big fish venue.


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